November Rain

I wish for some rain, so that I could just cover myself with some raincoat and boots. How convenient would that be? But I live in Los Angeles, where it seldom rains, especially this year. It is still vey hot out there, so hot that I start wondering if I will ever wear my sweaters again. I think the whole “I won’t buy anything for an entire year” would be easier if I was into wearing yoga pants regularly. But what do you do when you are among those people who still think that yoga pants should be worn only when working out? Well you keep looking at your closet, trying to answer that very well known question : “What do I wear today”? If, like me, you tend to have your outfit ready the night before, the question will be: “What do I wear tomorrow?”.

I know some women who wear the same clothes to work everyday, or so it seems. It is their uniform, you can recognize their silhouette before you even see their faces, because that is their way of standing up. So, I have come to the conclusion that it is high time I get not a uniform, but “uniforms”, because my days vary from either I am working or not. But the first thing I need to do is make an inventory of my closet. I heard culottes are back into season, good because I counted, I have four of them, but they won’t last me a whole year. It is time I start paying attention to my basics: Jeans, tees, blouses, jackets and see where I can go from there. “Mix and Match” used to be a nice concept, time to put that into practice.

So this is how it is going to be: Work : Flare pants (I have 3 of them, different shades of blue) or culottes, plus white blouses (6) or white tees (5). Rest of the time where I am picking up my daughters from school and driving them around for their activities or running errands: Jeans or maxi skirts and tees (I counted 20 tees). Dresses would be for my nights out, which happens every other month.That should do. For now.


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