The weather has finally cooled down. I am finally getting to wear my sweaters and boots. It also did rain, one rainy day and it was over. The thing I like about the cold weather is that, not only you get to put on some extra pounds, you also get to hide it under the sweaters, jackets and coats. You also get to wear not so fancy clothes and hide them just the same. For once, you can go drop off your kids at school still wearing your pj’s and no one will notice. But alas, I live in Los Angeles, where not only girls seem to never get cold with their tank tops and Ugg boots, but Winter is just as cold as Spring in Paris. But since they are predicting a harsher winter this year, maybe I will get to hide my extra pounds and my ugly outfits? Who knows?

That said, I realized that at this time of the year, I am usually shopping for clothes to wear for Christmas and New Year eves. I know, Thanksgiving is not already here that  I am already thinking of Christmas! Blame that on the shopping centers! So I went through my closet just to make an inventory of what I had, just to be shocked at the amount of clothes I don’t wear, that somehow surpasses the number that I usually wear. How many of us are guilty of owning clothes that we bought for a special occasion just to end up wearing something totally different? I knew I was guilty of that, but I didn’t realize how many times I committed the sin until I get to count the number of dresses that I have never worn (date nights? check. weddings? check. job interviews? check. just because I liked the dress? check and re-check), plus the jeans (remember when you used to dream of the day you will get back to your pre-kids size, didn’t happen for me, got close, but still), and a few pants (hello Cullotes, the “anti booty” pants). And I am not even mentioning the clothes I wore just once, just to toss them on hangers. I sure don’t own the biggest closet in the world, but just realizing that if it had not been because of my decision to not buy more, I will be adding more stuff in my life, as if, just like my closet, it was not crowded enough.

Even though I still have to figure out what I will be wearing for Christmas, at least I can rejoice at the idea that I don’t need any fancy outfit  to enjoy the turkey. Happy Turkey!


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