The New Normal

I have finally reached the stage where not buying anything for myself has become normal. I now find it normal to walk past stores, clothes, shoes, accessories sections without blinking. I even stopped binge shopping for my daughters because I now realize that I was doing it only to compensate for myself. I also stopped talking about my decision to people around me. And by doing so, it has become less an issue. I was then able to step back and look at it for what it was: a rich country’s problem. Isn’t it interesting to notice that as soon as you stop looking at a situation as if it was a problem; then it stops being one. All that frustration, anger and resentment that I had built up against no other than myself for inflicting my little person with this “shopping fast” became meaningless as soon as I realize how trivial it was to start with. Was I an addict that needed to be cured or just a person who had lost view of what is most important in life? It sure is easier to live on a frugal budget when one has no choice than to be forced upon. It is as if you decide to go on a diet when you don’t need to. Because what is the point of that? You will ask me! Why will anyone do that to themselves? Well! In my case, not only am I free to choose not to spend a penny on things I deem not essential for my survival, I am also able to do so because I can.  How many people in the world would love to have that kind of problem instead of having to worry what they would feed their families the next day? If they survive till then! Yes, so far going on a shopping fast instead of a shopping spree has helped me re-evaluate my life, my priorities and I am grateful for it.

Also, I have been so busy with my life lately that I haven’t even have the time to think of going shopping or anything of the kind. Because my life is so full; I don’t feel the need to fill it with stuff and when I start to contemplate the emptiness, I just fill it with more time with my family and friends. It has become a question of quality over quantity. Not spending money on myself has encouraged me to spend some on my family and friends and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend money on myself, only differently; like taking fitness classes,  taking some online classes, and even starting this blog. I have been to have my daughter’s Parkour teacher over for my her birthday party, I have had friends over more often for dinner instead of going out, etc. It is not only money that was well spent but more importantly it is  about how wisely  it is spent and that is a lesson I am learning. My approach to how I spend money has radically changed lately all because I decided to stop making non essential purchases. And for once I don’t have to explain to my husband why I absolutely need that new pair of shoes that I will never get to wear because, of course with two kids in tow, we don’t get to go out as often, if not anymore, so why the need? Even though I have never been a big spender, seing that I am being more careful than ever with the expenses help my husband relaxes a little bit, and so do I. Of course there are still days where I would look at my wardrobe and wish for a new top or a new pair of shoes but overall I am happy with myself and I must admit that I have gain a new appreciation of “me”. Alright, my husband hasn’t made any comments yet, but I am pretty sure deep down he is proud too or just happy to know that I won’t be splurging on anything this Valentine’s!


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