It wasn’t the first time,…

It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last that I burst out laughing while listening to my kids. Children really are these innocent and yet funny and witty creatures who have this amazing ability to see and say things in a manner that makes us, adults, seem dull.


When my then toddler saw her friend crying, she pointed at her face and exclaimed : “Look, crying drops!”. Once, she also got sand in her eyes and screamed : ” There is water again, dripping from my eyes!”. Even though it made me realize that she didn’t know yet how to say “tears”, I couldn’t help but laugh because, well, that’s what tears are after all: drops and dripping water!

We were celebrating Easter at one of our friends’ house when one of the moms, who had another party to attend, rushed her son to leave. ” Time to go! Let’s run”, she told him while grabbing his hand. Upon hearing that, my daughter got closer and asked the mom:”Why do you want to run?” She was probably ready to join in!

“I twisted my uncle!” she once yelled after a fall. She meant, her ankle! Still, I couldn’t  help but picture her uncle all twisted, which made me laugh even harder. At one point, we were having dinner when she went to explain to her big sister who was being picky that “they needed a lot of allergies (she meant energy) to grow up!”. Poor thing! I guess that’s what happens when you suffer from allergies; you end up seeing them everywhere!

One evening, we were having a conversation among adults when one of them mentioned his wife. My daughter, who was playing nearby, looked up and said: ” I have a knife too!” She didn’t have a knife and there wasn’t one in sight. She was just speaking in general. Still, it took us a few seconds to realize that she understood “knife”instead of “wife”.

No, it wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last my kids make me laugh!


"The earth laughs in flowers", Ralph W. Emerson



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