I said I was sorry!


“I said I was sorry!

Didn’t you hear that?

Why aren’t you saying something?

Don’t you know that I rarely apologize?

Look at me and tell me you accept my apology!

Why are you looking away? Who do you think you are?

Hear me? I never apologize to anyone, so you should be happy!

Don’t you walk away from me! No one ever walked away from me!

You think you can just leave? What are you doing? Where are you going?

You are not going anywhere, are you? You can’t leave me! I said I was sorry!

You can’t do that! Don’t do that! Don’t be like that! Stay! Don’t go! Please don’t!

I don’t want to be left alone! You are better than that! Better than me! I am so sorry!

I never meant to hurt you! I will understand if you can’t forgive me! Just never be like me!”

neige sleeth


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