Life is this blank canvas!


Life is like this blank canvas that I get to paint on every day of my life! The days I paint it with dark colors, it feels lifeless, gloomy, lonely and just damn scary! If I decide to add a splash of colors, then I turn it into a joyful and vibrant artwork!

Before starting to paint, an artist shall first plan, prepare and then paint. Sometimes the outcome will be exactly what he expected, other times it will turn out to be better than that or just bad. The good thing is that any bad job can be repainted over, the same way that when I make mistakes in life, I sometimes get to redeem myself by restarting riding

I am the painter of my destiny. Depending on days, when I draw, the lines can be linear, curvy or blurry. Then I get to fill them with the colors of my choice and add as little or as many details as I like. There are times when others will get to paint on my canvas, either because I let them or because I have no choice. I am also aware that the way I paint my canvas gives a broad perspective of my inner life and influences how people look at my work, thus at me!

It is up to me to be a good, if not an excellent, or a mediocre artist when it comes to my life. Because, the same way a painter can transform a conventional work into a masterpiece, (wasn’t Mona Lisa supposed to be a mere portrait?), I get to decide how my life will turn out to be. And who doesn’t want their life to be a masterpiece?





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