Letting go of the facade!

I remember how big and pretty you were. You were bright yellow with perfect angles. You had so much to offer and I was the one to want it all.

My screams and yellings never seemed to bother you! You were my sunshine, the first thing I saw in the morning. Also the last I saw at night, when darkeness fell upon you, turning you into a diformity that sometimes made me wonder if you were alive.

You kept me warm and dry during those rainy days and gave me shade when it was too hot to go outside. Your silence sometimes scared me; I was used to seeing you busy and noisy.

You saw me in my worst, the silent witness who never betrayed me. You hid me from the world so that no one would see me at my lowest.

I don’t remember when you started to crumble. I guess by then I was too busy with my life; hiding my own despair behind a facade, to think that this house that has sheltered me my entire life, could be losing its own facade as well.

Now that I think of it, I realize how sad it was, that only one of us was going to keep standing tall, while the other was getting ready to let go of the appearance. Suddenly, you were no longer available for me; I had to go find shelter somewhere else, where I could no longer hide.

As you were being given a new facade, I took mine down, showing the world the real me. It was painful and humbling, but not as painful as when I was told it was not only the facade you needed to be replaced, but that it was the entire foundation that needed to be taken down.



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