Put on that fake smile!


Christmas is here! The best time of the year! Everywhere you go, you are reminded of the importance of celebrating! Celebrate! Rejoice! Those are not questions! They are orders! Put on the mask of happiness, ignore the ache in your heart! Don’t let them see your pain, don’t spill your bitterness, don’t spoil the festivities! Keep on smiling, keep on laughing, maybe at the end of the day, you will be just as happy as they are! Maybe the pain will melt away! They don’t want to know anyway! They don’t need you to tell them that you would rather be rocking on the ground than around the Christmas tree! You don’t believe in the magic? That is your curse, not theirs! Don’t be the party pooper! No one likes party poopers!Document-2

I know! There is just so much pain you can take. You wish you could let go of those tears! You want to stop holding them back! You dream of them turning into some colorful marbles that would roll down and take away the darkness that surrounds you! Everybody seems to be looking forward to celebrate! You envy them. You wish you felt the same way! There is so much excitation in the air! But the more you try to get in the spirit, the worse you feel! Makes you wonder what you would do, given the chance to go back in time? You think it would make a lot of difference! But what if you were wrong? What if you were just kidding yourself? Are you that sure that given the chance, you would give up your sacred life just so that you could get to celebrate one last time with her? Would you leave your life behind and rush to her side, or would you act the same way you did before and just hope for the best without having to sacrifice anything? Would your pain be any different have you had time to say goodbye?Document-2

C’mon! Time to get up and put on that fake smile! You owe that to everyone that has been there for you! You owe her that! She is gone, but you are still here, you all are! Make it a time to remember, not a time to regret! Don’t mourn her, celebrate her! After all, how many get to have their birthdays on Christmas day? Set the table, make the cake the centerpiece! And once you have danced for her, drunk for her, laughed for her and sang for her, open the windows and let the wind blows the candles. And if you listen carefully, you might hear her voice thanking you!







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