It is Life’s fault!

I am screaming your name! Can’t you hear me? When did you stop answering my calls? I am scared. Where are you? Will you be back soon? I need you to come back. I am lost without you.

“You forgot again!” Said the voice. “Remember? She is gone! She is not coming back. You don’t come back from the journey she is on.” There is pressure on my chest. I can’t breathe. Reality has once again shattered my dream. I can’t stop the flow of tears rushing down my face. I am sorry! I am so sorry I wasn’t there. I thought we had all the time in the world. It is Life’s fault. She is the one to blame. She made the decision for us.

No one can help me fill this void that you have left behind. You thought me how to live without you, but you forgot to tell me that the pain will never go away. I know you are still here, with me. In every mirror I look, I see you. You are in my laugh lines and in my thick calves. Sometimes I smile at you, other times, like today, I am just too sad to even look.


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