I can still hear your laugh…

I woke up and thought of you. My first instinct was to get on the phone and call you. Then reality struck me. Like a sharp blade, it sank deep into my chest, and made my heart explode with pain and sadness. How I still miss you after all these years, I can’t explain. They say pain never goes away, you just learn to live with it. But living without you is more pain than I can bear. I can still hear your laugh through the summer breeze. I miss your warm embrace, your loving words. “One day, you will be a woman, just like me!” Mama, I am a woman now, diving in pain and loneliness. I wish you were still here, so that we could laugh together. You could hold my hand and tell me that everything will be okay again. That being away from you in not the end of everything, but just the begining of a new life…without you!

Photo by Pelipoer Lara on Pexels.com

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