The horrible moment when you realize you just put your cellphone in the washing machine!

The horrible moment when you realize you just put your cell phone in the washing machine. First, you throw it in the laundry basket because you have nowhere else to put it, then you forget about it. You go to the laundry room as usual, put the clothes in, consider looking for stained ones but decide that it is too much of a hassle, pour the liquid detergent on and push the start button.

Nothing abnormal until you suddenly realize what you just did! You try to open the dam door, but the light is already on, telling you that it is all locked. Like in a horror movie, you see the water flowing in and it hits you a second time that there is no going back! Or there is? You desperatly push all the buttons, try one more time to pull the doors as hard as you can. Nothing!

You already know that it won’t open, you have tried it before, only the other times it was to check that everything was secure before you leave. So you stop trying! And there you stand. No screaming, no yelling, no crying. What is the point anyway? It is not as if you could go back in time!

You look at the timer : thirty minutes to go! You have set the temperature on warm! Somedays warm water comes out cold and other days it is closer to hot. Now all you have to do is wait and hope! But you can’t just stand there. You still remember the 24h immersion in rice. You ran to your computer to look for more solutions. No internet connection! Seriously? Is fate playing a trick on you?

It is not only about the device, an I-Phone that was purchased six months before. No! It is about the content. The precious pictures you didn’t have time to download yet! And the backup reminders that you ignored for three days? Now you wish you had pay more attention to that! You also wish you had listened to your inner voice when it told you to check for stains on the clothes before loading the machine.

But this is not the time to have regrets. Ten more minutes till it is over! You can’t see it, probably stuck in some clothes, but you can hear a soft “bam, bam, bam”. Aren’t I-Phones supposed to “survive” water damage? Maybe not this kind of water damage though! Well, you will soon find out. Still no internet.

Shouldn’t have chanted around how you regretted switching from a Samsung to an I-Phone! Beware of what you wish for! What if it is dead? Do you go back to an Android? Five more minutes and still no internet. Why does everything have to happen at the same time? Wish you had postponed doing laundry. You read somewhere that procrastination does also have positive sides.

Now your eyes are set on the timer. You count the minutes, then the seconds. The machine stops, and so does your heart!




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